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Gadis Remaja Cina Malaysia Peluk Islam
04 July 2012 | 7:03 PM | 0 comments

ya akhi , ya ukhti

i just want to share this video with u'olls .. i think this is good for everyone .. if u r muslim , pless ! start befikir  , adakah awak dah cukup kenal islam ? if u r not muslim , i'm begging u . befikir secara matang n professional .. adakah awak betul2 pecaya bahawa tuhan itu perlu ada dalam pelbagai bentuk ??

yes ! i'm not good enough .. but i try to be good n hopefully i'll .. i'm not telling u'olls how bad i am... because  Allah s.w.t doesn't want me to do so .. n u too. .. if u r do something bad , don't tell anyone ... but try to say sorry to Allah and the person that related ... 

guys , we r human .. always do a mistake ... don't upset if we hve done a lots of mistake .. but try to thankful to our creator , Allah that open our eyes .. pless watch this video ... n try to make conclusion of ur life  

#sorry >> broken english

#sorry >> if i've done a mistake on my writing

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